Digital detox

A confusing title? All of us have tried detoxifying our bodies from time to time ( successfully,or unsuccessfully), but digital detox? What is that about?

We being continuously on the run, cannot imagine a minute without our smartphones. Some of us, due to our work, while some, merely because of an obsession; or as we call it ‘FOMO‘. For those of us not familiar with the acronym, it’s the ‘fear of missing out‘.

Though, agreeably, our gadgets do make our lives a lot easier, they also contribute significantly to certain health hazards- Insomnia, lack of concentration,vision problems, anxiety, depression, to name a few; not to mention the toll it takes on our personal and social lives. Imagine sitting on the same table with your family, but all engrossed in their phones and laptops, no time to engage in a real world conversation. 

And sometimes, even if we want to, it is not so easy to let go of our gadgets. So, to help all of us get out of the obsession, here’s a 7 day digital detox plan..! 

Day 1:

 Unfollow people who aren’t your real friends, unsubscribe from unwanted email lists, and delete apps you don’t really use.

Day 2:


 off push notifications

Day 3:

 Resist the urge to look at your phone first thing in the morning

Day 4: 

Set up a charge station outside of your bedroom and don’t look at your phone atleast 1 hour before bed

Day 5:

 Go out for dinner, and leave your phone behind. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones

Day 6:

Spend the day not looking at or posting in social media


Turn off your smartphone for the

 entire day.

And voilà! You’ve come a long way! 


The food fight!

Yes, I know what comes to your mind when you see the title. That’s nothing to write about! But let me tell you, its not what it sounds like.

To explain, let me take you back to the day I decided to go healthy (my love handles gave a sigh of relief, it seems!)

So, I am a big foodie myself, but some days, I feel like going healthy (rare as those days might be). And so, I switched on a food show by the famous chef Jamie Oliver, and learned this amazing salad of lettuce, and chicken. I was really inspired to eat healthy, and let me tell you,between you and me, I really need it (no, I am not being modest here).chinese-chicken-salad

So I called my mom, and showed her the recipe ” Isn’t it great, mom? We should totally try it out!”

Here, I should tell you my mom is an amazing cook herself.

“This looks good… tell you what, I will modify it a bit and bring something right up for you!” she hurried off to the kitchen.

Well, readers, I cannot express how excited I was about starting to eat healthy. And as my mother came out of the kitchen, holding a plate and portraying a big smile, I knew something was fishy.

“Maa, what is this?” I shrieked, I could see my hopes of losing my love handles waving at me.

“Don’t worry, grab a bite… This is much better” she said, grinning, and put down a plate full of lettuce fritters (lettuce ke pakode).greenlettuce-pekora-620x348

“Tastier maa, not better,” I replied, grabbing a pakoda, smiling deep down inside. Mom knows me the best.

As I took a bite of the amazingly tasty fritter, a realization hit me. We Indians manage to convert the idea of a perfectly health piece of salad into something as unhealthy  (and tasty all the same, mind you) as fritters. And so, I decided to let go off my worries for the moment, and enjoyed the hot, fried, yum (unhealthy, but I pushed that thought aside) lettuce ke pakode.



As she looked at his eyes, she saw something she had not seen for a long time, something that had been missing in her life. She saw hope, his soul crawled up in a corner, she saw dreams…

And the more she looked, the more determined she grew. She would be there for him, and for million others like him. The little 10 year old kid in Dharavi had made her realize what it meant to dream.

She remembered how she used to dare to dream when she was his age… She remembered the fascinating plans she used to tell her father about.

As she entered her posh apartment in the heart of the city, and put down her air conditioned car keys on the oak wood coffee table, she realized she had it all now; but dreams were something that were long gone.

And so, after a long time, she picked up a pen and a paper, and gave words to her dreams, and after a long time, she lived.

And as she wrote, few words lingered on her mind “Only in their dreams can men be truly free; It was always thus, and always thus will be”